Devora Rabinowitz
Devora Rabinowitz

Director of Olim Services

Caroline Schuhl Schattner
Caroline Schuhl Schattner

Olim Coordinator, Families and French and Spanish speakers

Shoshana Porat
Shoshana Porath

Olim Coordinator, Students and Young professionals (English)


Potential and new olim, we are here to help you through the process of making aliyah to Gush Etzion. As a first step, we provide information, tips and contacts to help you find a community and suitable housing. We also provide guidance in choosing and registering children for school.

After aliyah we will connect you to people in your new community and local resources, as well as assist you in your job search, administrative paperwork, and more.  We also organize trips, cultural events, and workshops that help olim integrate into life in Israel and Gush Etzion specifically.

We look forward to welcoming you home!

מועצה אזורית גוש עציון
אלון שבות
tel: 02-9959409
email: [email protected]